Elizabeth is a lifestyle content creator.
Loves music, video games, and enhancing her knowledge.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Elizabeth studied music and specialised in orchestral conducting at University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. She is currently based in Hong Kong as she lives with her family.

出生於香港,曾於英國南安普敦大學 ( University of Southampton ) 就讀音樂科,並成為該學年只有兩個名額的管弦樂團指揮專修學生之一。現在已回香港與家人居住。

Work Experiences

After her degree, Elizabeth went to “get a good job” approach at the University of Hong Kong as any Asian Parents would have wished. With the ability to “talk to anyone about anything”, she has also worked within Customer Service in big companies such as Cathay Pacific and Decathlon. As her music students and their parents have been strongly acknowledged Elizabeth’s teaching and communication skills, she is now focus mainly on teaching viola lessons and conduct school orchestras.



Other Interests 其他喜好

Outside her working hours, Elizabeth loves to watch a series of TV dramas. She is currently on Brooklyn 99 and the original series of Pokémon. She is also a big collector, with more than 200 Eevee items (Eevee is a character from Pokémon) at home.

In order to have a better posture during conducting, as well as being in a 500% fan-girl mode while taking part in Miyano Mamoru’s concerts, Elizabeth also goes to gym to work-out. Her favourite drinks are coffee and whiskey. Although not a big fan of sweet food, her favourite potato chips’ flavour is honey-butter. Also known as very good at organising and tidying stuff, these skills which gives her a huge advantage while playing puzzle games and Tetris.

伊利沙伯閒暇時喜歡「煲」(追看)日本動畫或電視劇,曾把黃子華及鄭裕玲主演的劇集《男親女愛》整套看過兩遍。而且為了當指揮時看起來更有台型,及在偶像演唱會時能夠成為「有無限應援力的超級粉絲」,會到健身房做體能訓練。暫時家裡有超過 200 個伊貝(卡通片《寵物小精靈》的其中一個精靈角色)相關的收藏。最喜歡的飲品是咖啡和威士忌;雖然不喜歡吃甜點,但最喜歡吃的薯片味道是蜂蜜牛油味。特殊技能是進行收納整理,這讓她在玩《俄羅斯方塊》或解難遊戲時有相當的優勢。

Goals 現在目標

Her upcoming goals are:

  1. To be fluent in Japanese

  2. To become a people full of positivity like Ellen Degeneres

  3. Move in with her fiancé and have a cat together.


  1. 精通日語

  2. 成為與Ellen Degeneres 一樣發放正能量的人

  3. 跟未婚夫同居後成為貓奴一名。


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